Sushma Gaikwad, Vice President of EEMA, shares with us the importance of on ground activations – An Interview
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Q How do you think TAVF online would benefit all three parties- brands, venues and agencies?

TAVF is an excellent platform for aggregating information and sharing best practices in the industry.  There exists a gap in perception, expectation and delivery between the stakeholders.  TAVF Online would certainly bridge that gap. As an initiative, TAVF Online is sustainable and market penetration is made possible through the engagement of a wider set of stakeholders

Q How would an online portal like TAVF Online help the stakeholders involved market themselves?

Brands get an opportunity to connect with relevant agencies and vice versa – This would provide an opportunity to procure the right agency that benefits the brand fit and enable agencies in their marketing efforts.  Venues are provided with an opportunity to showcase the advantages that can be offered to the brands.  And agencies would benefit with a wider net of venue opportunities available to them.  This certainly is a win-win proposition!

Moreover, open dialogues would enable the industry to come together as a whole for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Q What kind of innovations are you looking forward to in the field of Activations?

Innovations that engage consumers and increase footfall have become extremely critical.  I certainly look forward to technology led innovations that re-create spaces into experiential zones which in turn personify attributes of the partnering brand.

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