Shibu Philips, Business Head of Lulu Mall, discusses the importance of Intellectual Properties hosted by retail venues – An Interview
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Q What kind of intellectual properties have been initiated by your mall?

Our initiatives range from social causes, activities for children, a well-designed Loyalty Program, Flat 50%Sale, Women’s Wednesday, Tasty Tuesday ,  incentivized shopping festivals, category promotions like Lulu reader’s Fest, Lulu Beauty Fest, Lulu Food Festival, Flower Festival , Lulu Digex & Robotic Fest  and much more. Each of these events are promoted through various ATL, BTL communication & new media.

Lulu’s Loyalty Program – App based program  has helped establish a direct relationship with customers, going beyond each visit to the mall. Shoppers can use their smartphones to scan purchase receipts in exchange for points that can be redeemed against gift vouchers. The mall remains a social shopping experience for women as they get to celebrate Women’s Wednesday every week, which also gives an opportunity to the retailers to showcase their products & services through workshops.  Offers and deals are galore every Tuesday. Lulu Mall’s  Tasty Tuesday property provides great discounts and unlimited offers on more than 30  food brands. The mall magazine (Lulu Happiness) with celebrity interviews, special features & write ups about the brands and happenings in the mall also provide customers information about the latest trends in fashion.


Q Since the sports industry is flourishing lately, have you taken any specific steps  to increase the footfall during such events?

Kerala is a very sport conscious market – especially football. The fact that we have 7 sportswear brands who are performing exceedingly well is proof of that. All major sporting events – national & international have been commemorated with much aplomb in the mall. From the football world cup to Olympics to ISL & IPL, we have tried to connect with our customers sentiments with unique activations and associations with the particular event’s partners themselves. During the World Cup we brought the official ball – the Brazuca to the mall and during the ICC world cup, the original trophy was received at the mall. Through such events, not only have we been able to increase the footfalls in the mall, but also to create an experience for our customers. Now we are gearing up for the upcoming Under 17 Football World Cup where one of the matches will be played in Kerala and also for the next season of ISL.


Q Why do you think experiential marketing has gained popularity lately? How would you encourage experiential marketing in your venue?

We all know that it’s important to think outside the box. There are always new and exciting ways where customers can be engaged, and a great example of this is through experiential marketing. Creating a positive and lasting memory in the minds of the customers will get people talking, tweeting and sharing to their friends and family for days to come. Experiential marketing helps us to see consumers in real life, interacting with them and giving them an opportunity to feel included, acting as ambassadors for us. We had recently announced on our Facebook that we will be going live on the page at a certain time. This encouraged people to be present in the atrium to come over to the phone and ask Lulu’s online followers to hurry up and get it to the 5 lakh mark. People took turns to engage. It was just the fun , exciting and engaging & light idea which was well appreciated and was talked about and we hit the 5 lakh mark in less than half an hour, which was celebrated along with customers.  



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