Mayank Tiwari, former Marketing Communications Manager for Ford recalls his most successful marketing campaign : An Interview
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Q Tell us about your most successful marketing campaign. How did you execute it? Anything you would have changed?

My most successful campaign has to be the Zest campaign with Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2016 for the sheer results we could extract of the minimal budgets that we had at our disposal. The biggest achievement of this campaign was the creation of engaging live content on Twitter which gave us a never-heard-before organic reach among our target audience. In the hindsight, we could have planned the content, and the entire campaign better to avoid some last minute firefighting and optimum usage of the content which we had created – a lot of it was never used.


Q What are the few marketing strategies you have adopted in your company which set you apart?

A lot of guerilla marketing strategies to give us the maximum ROI for each penny spent. Also, the focus on content with a very subtle interspersing of the brand helped us get a lot of organic traction. Moreover, we generally worked on 360-degree campaign which extended from the corporate office, right up to the showrooms and the end consumer with very tangible benefits on offer to them, all under the umbrella of the larger brand campaign


Q What are the latest trends in marketing?

Data is one big trend which has caught up with the coming of digital marketing and BARC which provide the marketers keen insights on the brands. Another big trend that has already emerged is the social media trend, which is poised to grow and overtake traditional media in India just as it has already done in the more developed markets. Also, a trend which is going to be big is the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality not only as a tool to bedazzle the consumers but also to create meaningful content to help them experience the brand and the products where it could have been a logistical nightmare to do so.


Q How has experiential marketing benefited your brand in terms of ROI?

Experiential marketing has generally been at the top of the list when it comes to ROI. It has generally lead to direct lead registration and quick conversion due to the possibility of hyper-local customised formats along with the direct involvement of ground level workforce. Most of the campaigns conducted by us have had an experiential marketing leg to help offset (and hence justify) the huge expenditure that’s required for ATL brand-centric communication by generating real-time leads and also personalising the brand for the end consumer.



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