Make Your Retail Store An Experience Hub
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Consumers love getting a taste of difference in their everyday mundane routines, and this is why experiential marketing works. These experiential campaigns work because they give the consumer a way to experience a brand’s product or offerings with all their senses, and have a meaningful exchange of conversation. In retail stores, these campaigns can help a marketer meet certain goals like educating the consumers entirely about their brand, have successful sampling sessions and gather shopper information for future references.

Bring consumers into your retail stores

The whole aim of experiential marketing campaigns is giving the target group an extraordinary experience which is hard to forget. And we’re in luck, people these days a hungry for more and more experiences, not just a simple shopping spree. Host events to lure crowds into your store, offer them a 360-degree view of your brand(s). The event can feature products you sell, or it can be indirectly related to your core business. If you sell sporting equipment, arrange an extreme sports exhibition. If you sell clothing and accessories, put on a celebrity fashion show to raise money for charity. At the event, make sure consumers know your store is nearby if they feel inspired to do some shopping afterward.

Create a pop up store in a unique but relevant venue

Pop up shops are quite the buzzwords these days. They are the perfect example of a successful experiential campaign. By setting up a store where consumers can interact with your products with all their senses and have one-on-one interactions with your staff, you provide an experience that’s sure to leave them with a positive impression of your brand. Possible venues for these impromptu shops could be music festivals, fairs, college fests or even at malls. They can be very simple, but you’ll get the best pop-up store results if you incorporate some fun or promotional events into your store.

Offer an exclusive event to your best customers

One of the best advantages of experiential campaigns is the high footfall which they are able to gather. If your goal for the campaign is to build brand loyalty with existing customers rather than attracting new ones, consider putting on an exclusive event for a select few of them. The event should make them feel spoiled and appreciated and creates strong memories and positive associations with your brand. One way to do that is to treat them to an exclusive experience. Allow them to test and give feedback on a new video game system before it hits stores.

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