Launching Your Shopping Centre – Things To Keep In Mind
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So you’ve found the perfect architectural structure, an array of top brands under your belt and the idea of launching your shopping centre soon brewing in your mind. All you need now, is an intensely detailed plan of action which will set business going in the best way possible. Right from creating a buzz to the actual grand launch, it all needs to be done flawlessly. I know, seems like a daunting task, but trust me, the rewards are high and fulfilling.


  • Spread the word – this is important so that people get to know about your mall and look forward to its launch eagerly. The worst case scenario here would be that you plan an elaborate launch, but don’t spend enough time and energy on marketing strategies to spread the word. All your efforts would go down the drain if no one visits your mall.


  • Build meaningful relationships – Potential customers are not the only people you want to attract. Grand openings are the perfect opportunity to build relationships with local business people, press and local politicians. Not only do you get started on the right foot with your neighbors, but you can build strategic relationships as well.


  • Set fixed budgets – Ideally, set 20% of your first year’s marketing budget aside for the grand opening. Do not go too extravagant, as this might result in compromising with the marketing budgets of campaigns for the rest of the year. 20% is just perfect – nothing more, nothing less. Before you know what messaging and advertising mediums work, it is very risky to spend a big chunk of one’s annual advertising budget.


  • Fix a date – in order to launch your mall successfully, picking the right date is extremely important. Make sure that your launch date doesn’t coincide with other big events, which can potentially steal your thunder. It is also a good idea to observe shopper behaviour and figure which days/times are more preferred for shopping. These small clues may be extremely beneficial in the long run.


  • Sort out your licensing – make sure you have all the required legal paperwork in place to avoid any kind of chaos and confusion.


  • Promote your launch – Radio, newspaper, social media advertising, do it all! Trust me, when it comes to publicizing, you can never do enough, especially while launching something brand new. Getting eyeballs in this stage is the goal, and only multiple effective marketing strategies can help with that. This is also a great time to dip your toes into the vast and exciting world of experiential marketing.



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