Gaurav Dhall, MD of T.I.C., shares his views on what’s lacking in the Indian Event Industry, and how they can curb these problems – An Interview
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Q Please give us an overview of T.I.C.

T.I.C. is one of the pioneers of the industry and in April we completed 25years in the industry. We are getting older like a wine, Older the Better. With every passing year, we are growing and getting more mature, which is always better. In 25 years, we have delivered more than 20000 events and worked with more than 400 brands. This showcase the experience we have. We have worked in every industry, delivered every type of event, but still we believe in learning and trying our hands-on new things. We have been delivering innovative concepts, be it India’s first 3D Live Character or 1st ever Truck Racing, which has not only enticed the audiences but the brands as well. We wish and will continue doing good work.

Q What are the few learnings you have carried with you since the inception of your Intellectual Property ‘Cornucopia’ in 1992? Why did it resume after 1997?

There is always a scope of good work. Concept driven events are a surest route to success and the brands who understand the value of good work do not hesitate in investing. The only challenge is to create an exceptional concept and convince the  brand / corporate to believe in your idea. If you have done a proper research and there is a plan for perfect execution, convincing is not a problem.

Intellectual Properties, which are a rage in today’s time, we have foreseen the trend in 1990s, when the concept of the event itself was an alien thought. We have introduced so many IPs like, Teacher’s Award, Cornucopia and many more which showcase that we learn from the past, live in present but think & execute things of the future.

Q There has been a sudden surge in the number of event agencies lately. How has TIC managed to stay on top of the industry so far?

I guess this question should be asked to the brands who are working with us that why they still prefer to work with us. But I think our concepts, creative ideas, quality work, perfection in execution and the ability to turn a dream into reality is what set us apart from our competitors. Adding further to this is our experience which also contributes in achieving a retention rate of 89% in our clients’ list.

Q Your “Mission” is that by 2020 you want to be the leading marketing service solution provider in India. How far along do you think you are in this journey? What needs to be changed? What needs to be enforced?

So far we have been able to achieve what we targeted for 2020. We are a leading name in the industry and are the most preferred ones. We are not calling ourselves just an agency, we work as partners who believe in adapting 360 degree solutions for our clients. But still there is a long way to go. We have just started and there is so much left to do.

In terms of things to be changed and enforced, then we feel ether is a scarcity of qualified professionals and institutes for formal training for event management. We need an education system for event industry so that like other industry, we will also have qualified professionals for our industry.

Q Is there a difference in approach to event management/planning in India & overseas?

Yes, there is a huge difference which is about professionalism. Internationally people are more professional which unfortunately is missing in India. We are far more creative and innovative, but the entire ecosystem of event management, right from the client to vendors with agency in the middle, is not as professional as internationally.

Another big difference is budgets. Internationally, there are bigger budgets for events.

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