F1 Live Screening from Bahrain at Palladium
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The live screening was aided by Star Sports, and once  it began, all eyes were glued to the screen. Cheers and hoots were heard all around, and there was no place anyone would rather be than the Palladium, sipping on drinks and enjoying their favourite sport.

Nobody could miss the lavish display of cars from Land Rover, BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes. All eyes were drawn to them, and since all the people in attendance were automobile lovers, a lot of inquiries were made with the brand managers, which helped towards sales as well.

Umbrella Aegis did a great job translating a mere vision into a full blown reality. It was an evening to remember, and hopefully we would have many more to come.


A luxury event at a luxury venue, what else does one want?



Raveena Sakiri

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