What is Experiential Marketing? It impacts in today’s world
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15th March, Mumbai

What we see every day does not necessarily get registered on our mind which is very common fact. Then what makes us remember specific thing out of thousands? Is it effectiveness of the creative? Is it the message? Or It’s a coincidental correlation of all three with the fourth element “An Aspiration” or “An Urge” or “Timely Connect”.  The undisputed fact is that, our mind is always subconsciously reacting to those things to which we are somewhere sentimentally connected.

The purpose behind inception of Experiential Marketing is purely to facilitate and challenge the Human Brain and Body to go through the basic experiences like Look, Touch, Feel, Smell and Taste. The cumulative experience of all five senses collectively at one place facilitating actual experience of the product is all about “Experiential Marketing”. Once he or she goes though all these five experiences automatically the sixth sense either drives them to the point of sale or diverts their attention to an option. Experiential Marketing Initiatives play a role of lead generator or a brand loyalty breaker that leads consumers to the point of purchase with a made up mind. 

Naturally the Experiential Marketing initiatives are designed with a strategy to appeal that Subconscious Urge or Aspiration of the consumer which will lead him to the point of sale. Once the consumer reaches to the showroom or point of sale, a fresh set of experience comes his way which actually completes his or hers experiential journey. The determination to buy the product or not to buy the product gets stronger or weaker on the basis of the second experience.

In today’s world, grabbing qualitative attention of the resourceful customer has become more challenging as there this category of people are mentally active on multiple tasks and often have very limited time to share. Whatever wonder that a Brand has to play shall be very crisp, clear and quick yet appealing and helpful in making his or her mind in that available time frame.

It is very important to keep the experiential supremacy at equal levels at experiential venue and at the point of sale. Even a smallest purchase done by a visitor is a receipt of success on experiential front.

We should take it as a lead and greet such clients with more tasteful propositions and achieve ROI.


Shashank Karkhanis


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