Experiential Marketing – Is Adding A Human Touch Necessary?
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Experiential Marketing is the only form of marketing which entirely depends upon customer relationships, face to face communication with the target audience being one of the most features. Regardless of what type event you plan on hosting, it’s strongly recommended that you have brand ambassadors communicating with your guests in some way. Why is this so important? Here are some of the many benefits of engaging in face-to-face communication with consumers:


  • Solving your consumers’ queries – Traditional marketing and advertising media only have a one way communication channel with their consumers, with the audience only being bombarded with information, but no one to take their feedback.  At an experiential marketing event, consumers have the chance to speak directly to the face of the brand and ask as many questions as they’d like to learn more about the brand and its products or services. Letting consumers ask your brand ambassadors questions also helps clear up any misconceptions that the consumer may have about your products. By engaging in face-to-face communication and asking each other questions, the brand ambassador has the opportunity to identify and clear up misconceptions.


  • Gauge reactions and  improve – It’s not like social media doesn’t aid in a two way communication, but what gets skipped here completely are the non verbal cues. This issue gets fixed from the grassroot level, as non verbal cues are extremely important in analysing what a person actually feels, but not just projects.  A brand ambassador who is engaging in face-to-face communication with a consumer has the opportunity to listen to what each consumer has to say while also picking up on nonverbal cues. For example, let’s say a brand ambassador is speaking with an event attendee who asks the ambassador about the retail price of a certain product. Upon hearing the price, the attendee responds politely, but the ambassador is able to pick up on nonverbal cues that indicate he is not happy. The brand ambassador now has the unique opportunity to tailor the conversation based on how he has interpreted the guest’s reaction. Instead of continuing to talk about the features of the product, the ambassador could begin to discuss rebates or special discounts to draw the consumer back in.


  • Gather feedback – Brand ambassadors, who are the face and voice of the brand, have the unique opportunity to speak one-on-one with guests at the event and hear what they have to say. As long as brand ambassadors are trained properly, they should be able to collect all of this feedback so you can thoroughly review it after the event. After all, the customer is the king, and once you get and adhere to the feedback they give, nothing can stop you and your brand!


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