Effective Marketing In A Nutshell
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The internet is flooded with information on anything and  everything, which is what makes it such a magical, beautiful place. But in this age of constant streaming of information through all media possible, it can slightly challenging to keep in sight and remember what is true and what isn’t.

Content on the web is so vast and so easily accessible, finding the right source is always a challenge. For that reason alone, after doing a lot of research, I came up with the most compact list which will simply encapsulate the key features of marketing (read: effective marketing) in a nutshell.

The best tips when it comes to marketing, or even experiential marketing, are-


  • Listen to your target audience – All that you do as a marketer, it is all for the audience. The key to marketing success is to know your target audience through and through. What gets them going, what puts them off, what enhances buying behaviour, what engages them, what pushes them away, you must know it all like the back of your hand. If your brand is available when a customer needs it, they will support you and trust me, you have won over a person.


  • Understand their needs – Once you study your target audience, figure what they want and see if your brand helps fulfill their need efficiently. If not, then this isn’t your desirable target group, unfortunately. But use this opportunity to start over and don’t fret. Do this as many times until you get it right, because this forms the basis of your brand visibility and success in the future.


  • Engage on a personal and broad scale level – It is extremely important that your marketing communications are not old school broadcasting. You need to engage with people directly. And innovatively. Forget about surveys and all that jazz. Think experiences. Create memorable experiences for your customers, engage them into your brand and watch them leave with a happy smile, always eager to get back for more.


  • Deliver a great user experience – One aspect that truly makes a brand stand out and win audience, customers, and advocacy is a great user experience. We look to create an emotional attachment between brand and target audience. The best way to accomplish this is to create an awesome user experience. Think about extending your product/service differentiation by providing an absolute stellar user experience. The user experience should consider every aspect of consumer/client – brand interaction. Interactions online, offline, experiential.


  • Build trust – No longer can brands make tall claims which they can’t live up to. If this is done, basic trust is broken and we all know how that ends. To maintain this transparency and trust factor, review your brand activity regularly, show empathy, act fast and be the hub of all communication.



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