Citizens form human chain to spread awareness on well-being
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To spread the message of leading a healthy lifestyle, Viviana Mall today initiated the #SpreadHappiness campaign. Citizens across Mumbai and Thane participated in the unique campaign by creating one of the longest human chains on the most active eastern express highway near Viviana Mall. Mr. Sunil Lokhande, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Thane was the chief guest for the initiative who also joined hands in the chain supporting the campaign.

Commenting on the occasion, Rima Pradhan, Senior Vice President – Marketing at Viviana Mall said “In today’s fast-paced world, human beings are mechanically moving on a pathless road, along with the crowd towards concrete jungle with their eyes stuck on their cell phones, tablets and their fingers mechanically typing on their digital keyboards. Technology which was invented to aid man has through the process made man the machine. It has taken away relationships and people are rarely seen smiling at each other. Our initiative was to create awareness on spreading happiness by spreading a smile, having more family time and engaging with friends in person”

The recent study conducted earlier had revealed that a simple act of smile can actually help create positive energy and increase well-being.

More than 350 citizens actively supported the initiative forming one of the longest human smile chains. They also carried placards with messages on how smile and happiness can help in leading a healthy and prosperous life. The mall has also organized special workshops every day of the month to spread the message of the #SpreadHappiness Campaign.

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